Announcing the 2nd Round ISME DID Referral Program

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5 min readMar 6, 2024


Earn Your $ISME Reward!


  • 2nd Round $ISME Referral Program is now live
  • 1 Valid Invitation = 25 $ISME Reward
  • 15 $ISME for the inviter, 10 $ISME for the invitee
  • The invitee must complete the Twitter verification
  • Pass the Eligibility Test to qualify for the $ISME airdrop
  • Change your Twitter bio to include the .isme address to claim the ISME bonus.

Let’s do it again!

Create and Verify your ISME DID account

Post a link, Invite a Friend to their Decentralized Identity.

And earn your $ISME reward!

They say those who wish to change the world often start by rewriting history so that people can re-imagine the future. We believe it is time we do it again!

Now, we’re thrilled to announce the second round of the $ISME Referral Program, aimed to inject new and more vitality into the ISME DID system and to encourage more to gain a firm grip on their identities and future web3 lives.

Since the launch of the .isme domain and the ISME DID system, we’ve witnessed incredible growth:

  • Thousands of users have taken control of their digital identities with unique, self-owned .isme domains.
  • A thriving community is actively shaping the future of Decentralized Identity (DID).
  • The potential for a fairer, more sovereign digital landscape is closer than ever.

To be more specific, the current user data pulled directly from the tech dashboard are (so far):

  • Total DIDs: 540,305
  • Total Verified DIDs: 253,228
  • DID Followers: 424,259
  • Total Referrals: 456,844

We believe your authentic online presence is crucial in building a robust and trustworthy DID ecosystem. To empower you further and celebrate your contributions, we’re excited to bring back the referral program with updated rules and rewards!

ISME Referral Program Rules & Definitions

The 2nd round is not much different from the previous round. With the new referral mechanism, you will be able to claim your $ISME reward by simply becoming a .isme domain holder and inviting more people to it.

The more Web3 friends you have, the more $ISME you will receive.

First things first, get your referral link HERE.

  • Valid Inviter: any user with a .isme domain. (Having your own .isme domain is a prerequisite for getting a referral link and becoming a valid inviter.)
  • Valid Invitee: the users a .isme domain holder invites to complete the registration using the official referral link.
  • Completed Registration: your registration will be valid once you create an account and have a valid profile page.
  • 1 Valid Invitation = 25 $ISME, 15 $ISME for the inviter, 10 $ISME for the invitee
  • Twitter Verification: you will be able to claim 100% of your commission if your invitee completes the Twitter verification. If not, none of your reward is claimable.
  • Cap: there is no limit to how many invitations each inviter can have.
  • Lockup: all $ISME rewards in this referral program strictly follow the latest token vesting schedule.
  • Reward origin: all $ISME rewards in this referral program stem from Operational Reserve.

(The Root Protocol team reserves all rights of this referral program and will revoke any accounts that attempt to damage this event in any form.)

Go get your ISME NOW!

The Eligibility Test

Having learned the lessons from round 1, we decided to continue the good tradition of adding the Eligibility Test.

In order to preemptively protect us from Sybil type attacks, we will require all participants to fulfill certain criteria as an eligibility test. Social graph analysis can help prevent such attacks, and it will also help you stay up to date with everything we do, so it’s a win-win!

All users looking to qualify for the $ISME airdrop are required to fulfill the Eligibility Criteria.

Complete the Eligibility Test to qualify for your $ISME reward.

$ISME Bonus

Anyone who changes their Twitter bio to their .isme addresses will be rewarded an additional 50 ISME.

All you need to do is to include your .isme address in your Twitter bio and click “Verify Bonus”

Example: oldnft3.isme

Verify your $ISME bonus at the official referral page.

ISME DID Claiming & Registration

  • Visit the ISME Homepage and click the “Create Now” , “Login”, or the “Claim” button to begin the process.
  • Or if you are in the Pre-Registration List, we already have your DID account ready. You can simply click “Claim” and follow the next steps to get yours.
  • Then fill in the other information. If you have bound your wallet to an ENS domain, you will see the ENS records populate the input box automatically.
  • Click on “Create Account”. You will be asked to sign with your wallet to finalize the registration.

Bind Web2 to Web3

We know you want to experience all of the internet in one place. Now your .isme (DID) is NOT limited to wallets, but also to web2 identities, beginning with twitter profiles (for now).

  • First, go to the “Edit Profile” page, then click on the “Verify” button in the “Twitter” section.
  • Enter your twitter account in the input box.
  • Click on “Make a tweet”
  • Make a tweet using the template text.
  • Then go back to the ISME DID page and click the “Verify” button.

There you go. Now you officially own a DID account, representing your autonomous identity in the Root Protocol!

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